Reloading cameras

I’m not sure if I am understanding this right. I have older cam 3’s and have had cam plus lite as the service but now when I have to reset a camera it does not give me the option to put cam plus lite back as my service option, so I can’t get cam plus lite back when they need to be reloaded…which will happen to all of them at some point…please tell me this isn’t right
…and I am not going to end up with a bunch of useless cameras

I would log into the Wyze web site. Go to My Account - My Subscriptions - Wyze Services and see if your cameras are attached to your Lite account.

Thanks Steve, I was able to find cam plus Lite and get that camera back on that service, I figured I was doing something wrong. It looks a little different but cam plus lite is still there and available for V3. I don’t use them for security so don’t need a subscription

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