Reliable alerts without subscription

Has anybody figured out a way to reduce false alerts without getting cam plus subscription? I already have too many subscriptions and don’t want to sign up for yet another subscription for multiple cameras. I had the V1 motion sensors and they worked great but recently died(within 2 years) and can’t find them anymore.
Anybody figured out a way to get reliable alerts without subscription? If I have to pay more for subscription I might as well spend that money on a good 4k wired camera system with people detection. Hate that Wyze is locking needed security features bending subscriptions. Wyze is losing its luster fast!

Depends on what you mean by reliable alerts. CamPlus works to identify people, packages. vehicles, etc. but sends all motion events from the camera for evaluation. You can set alerts to specifics, like a person, but you’ll get a recording of all motion with some tagged with people. You can setup your account to only alert on people and hide those recordings in the events list that don’t have people in them. Vehicle detection is unreliable as it will report any vehicle in the video frame moving or having been parked there for days.

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