Regular Price Different on App

Today’s flash sale price for the outdoor plug is $8.99 on the app and it shows the regular price was $14.99. Yet, at the Wzye web site it shows the regular price is $17.99. So what’s up with the two different regular prices?

It’s mostly a misunderstanding about what it meant by regular price. The App Shop is also showing that the regular MSRP price for non-subscribers is $17.99, but the regular price for subscribers is $14.99:

So, if you have cam plus, then YOUR regular price IS $14.99, and since you’re always logged into your account when you use the app, then the flash sale sees that this is your regular app price, but the MSRP is still the same.

But you are right that sometimes the prices differ between the website and the app. Wyze has explained that sometimes this is because when they change something to website, it can impact how different search algorithms refer people to their shop or make price comparisons, etc. While through the app, they can treat everything they do there as a special members-only type of thing and all the other web-spiders, etc don’t start messing around with referrals, base pricing, comparisons, and other such things automatically. I can’t remember all the other reasons off-hand, but it can be beneficial to check one or the other sometimes. There can also be a price difference on the website if you choose to do Pay with Prime instead of going through the Wyze Warehouses directly. Not all special deals are available through Pay with Prime because it is a totally separate distribution partner with different costs and promotional options. So it also depends on how you choose to pay or where it is stocked.


That just makes things so confusing. Why does everything have to be so complicated with Wyze?!

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