Reduce Motion Sensor Detection Latency

Does anyone have any tips on increasing sensor performance, i.e. reduce the time to detection? I have some sensors that turn on room lights that take 3 seconds or longer to trigger a detection event.

I find myself walking into the room and standing there in the dark for longer than I’d like.

Short of key placement pointing directly at the door for immediate detection and setting the sensor sensitivity to High, there isn’t really any other way to speed it up.

Your latency is affected by many factors outside Wyze control: Wifi speed if your hub is connected by WiFi, Router speed, LAN configuration, ISP upload\download speed, ISP routing, and distance from Wyze servers.

The motion triggers have to travel up to the Wyze Servers to trigger the rule and then back down to your Hub to execute.

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I’m curious if a high performance gaming router might do better than the typical junk the providers give you. You can actually plug another router into your main router I have one with a lot of devices on it so that when my main ISP junk takes a dump I just install the new one and plug my second router in as nothing changed from the sensors and devices point of view it all just works.

If they aren’t giving you a high capacity Mesh Router, then anything is better.

However, notification latency has many more moving parts that can slow the round trip than just your WiFi Router or an overloaded network:

  • Modem age\speed\quality\firmware
  • ISP speed\architecture\routing\age\type
  • Distance from Wyze Server
  • Cellular Network routing\prioritization when not connected to WiFi