Trigger Rule Delays

Instrad of leaving my carriage lights on all night on my garage (3 Wyze Bulb Color), I’ve created a trigger using the Pan v3 I have mounted to the exterior of the garage and looking down my driveway. There are 2 triggers, one for if it detects a vehicle or the other for if it detects a person, then the 3 carriage lights will turn on for 5 minutes.

In practice, the trigger actually takes 10-20 seconds to fire, rendering it kind of pointless-we will have already pulled into the garage and closed the door before the lights turn on. Is this normal, because it seems excessive?

I’ve tried using just any motion, but then the lights stay on all night anyway because of swaying branches or shadows or leaves or rain or bugs or any number of factors.

I have a similar rule that will activate my Wyze BR30 light group when a person is detected on my Wyze Cam V3.

Usually, Alexa will announce the person in about 3 or 4 seconds and the lights come on immediately thereafter.

Rule executions are highly dependant on your WiFi strength and speed, your ISP upload and download speed, and your distance from the Wyze Server.

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Hi @wolfcorner,
I would suspect the delay comes from the process within how the smart detection works.

The camera detects the motion, then sends the event up to the cloud, the algorithms on the server determines if person/vehical then IF yes fires your rule sending the command back to the bulbs.
You also have to account for wifi signal strength and internet speeds.

10-12 seconds seems a little excessive to me, but may not be out of line with the above factors


The bulbs/camera have full strength WiFi signal and doing a speed test at their location nets me 250 down and 22 up.

I would be happy with a 3-4 second lag, because that means it would be turning on the lights as I get ready to pull into the garage, rather than after I have already pulled in and shut the garage door behind me.

Agreed. That is too long for that function. I have that problem with my driveway floodlights. When my cam sees a vehicle it turns on a plug that my floods are plugged to. I am past light by the time it turns on.

Yes, the delay is the AI making the identification. I have a rule like this for people approaching my front door (turns on a signal light), but my light rarely if ever gets triggered by that rule.

Instead it gets triggered most often by a motion sensor. There is very little delay with a motion sensor. No AI to go thru. Motion sensor sees a heat source moving, and it is likely a person or a vehicle. I do get the occasional cat, but that is much more rare.

The motion sensor is over my front door, which is sheltered by the front porch overhang. That overhang also blocks its view of the street and public sidewalk, so no false triggers from there. It is also angled to keep from picking up the neighbor mowing their lawn, or their pets and kids.

Works great! I think it takes like a couple seconds. The person can’t get to the doorbell before the light comes on. :slight_smile:


Would V3 pro or the new OG speed up this identification delay? I have a rule for my floodlight to sound the siren when it detects a person during early morning hours, but it takes 20+ seconds to fire. I have strong WiFi signal so that doesn’t appear an area for improvement.

Not to my knowledge. I would expect the same AI processing delay. The motion sensor can also trigger the floodlight siren, and in a much more timely manner.

The key is to make sure the motion sensor can only see the patch of property you are interested in monitoring, so you don’t get false alerts.

You can also just use the pixel motion detection of the floodlight’s V3 camera, but that is more susceptible to false trips.

Thanks, this makes sense. Unfortunately the area I want to cover has no overhang. Waiting for an outdoor motion sensor… or any third party housing that can keep it weatherproof while not compromising detection.

V1 motion sensor worked great, until it stopped working. :cry:

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