Deliveries are not showing up as "people"

Unless the truck driver jumps out of the truck and quickly gets to the door the AI has stopped looking for the person by the time the person approaches the door. I have a small driveway and yard so it’s not like they have to come up very far sometimes it just takes them a minute to get the package and walk up. I have my camera pointing out my front door. It works great if the timing is good but it’s a very common occurrence that someone drives up and then comes up. This can easily happen for security issue as well. somehow this needs to be figured out I understand the constraints of storage. It’s too bad the AI can’t look at my SD. Anyway good luck getting this feature in the future. If there’s anything that I can change my settings please let me know.


So the 12 second clip ends before a person comes out correct? You can try decreasing the size of the motion detection area to not include the driveway or where there is vehicle movement, it’s easier to get a better angle for this the higher the camera is mounted.

that is a decent idea, but I would miss to many other items like dogs pooping in the yard. 12s is just not long enough for it to kick off with a car pulling up and then someone walking up.

Is wyze telling us that delivery personnel are not people???

I have a solution that works for me, YMMV. Just add a motion sensor and bulb. Let me tell you my setup:

I have a ‘signal’ light in a small 9" Edison Lantern under my TV stand with a Wyze bulb that lights up if:

  • The front porch motion sensor activates, or

  • A person is detected on the Front Door camera.

The signal light goes off once the motion sensor clears, or as in the case of Person detection (which doesn’t have a ‘clear’ signal), the light has been on for 1 minute.

The motion sensor triggers the bulb without appreciable delay, which is sweet. Person detection triggers the bulb before I see a camera alert. I’ve seen the bulb come on seconds before the doorbell rings.

To do this you make four device triggers:

Bulb on:

  • Motion sensor detects motion

  • Front Door camera detects a person

Bulb off:

  • Motion sensor becomes clear

  • Signal bulb has been on for 60 seconds

So, let’s test this:

  • I get the usual standard false alerts from the camera if the sun brightness changes quickly, but no signal bulb. I often ignore standard alerts.

  • Truck drives up, person gets out after 12 seconds, no person alert, so no bulb (as you pointed out). Now, the motion detector is reasonably high up under an overhang, so it can’t see more than halfway up my driveway. So it can’t see the street, but it can usually see the heat of a delivery truck engine. So, boom, light, as soon as they pull in the driveway!

  • If they park in the street, the camera will do the usual person detection as they approach, as it won’t trigger on street activity either.

  • If they park just outside the motion sensor’s range the camera may still pick up the vehicle and alert me to motion. I would probably ignore that standard alert, and since it would then start the 5-minute cool down, the camera would never do a person detection. HOWEVER, they still have to walk up to the door, and as they do that the motion sensor will trip!

So it is really hard to approach my door without the signal light coming on before they can get to the door bell!

YMMV because some people aren’t lucky enough to be able to position a motion detector so it picks up activity at the door without picking up a lot of other activity, like on the street.

You could probably do most of this with just a weil-positioned motion detector, but I also wanted to know if someone was just loitering in my driveway (not close enough for the motion detector). The person detection also helps if the motion detector battery should die.

Ultimately though, I’d like them to add vehicle detection.


Newshound, that is really smart but complicated.

What needs to happen is for the software to have an option to automatically restart the 12 seconds whenever a person enters the field of view. Filtering events by person and getting notifications by person events will only work well when this issue is resolved at a corporate level.

I wonder if that will work though. Currently, person detection only occurs when the 12-second clip is set in motion by something entering your detection zone. What you are proposing is a constant processing of person detection, and I wonder if this $20 camera has the processor for that.

Yes, I went overboard, but all you need is a well-placed motion sensor.

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