Notifications too slow for me to see delivery person

My cameras dont catch the delivery drivers until they have completed the delivery. I can only see them leaving not when they arrive My Notifications dont tell me early enough to react to the delivery, Is there something in the set up process that i have missed?

Nope. It takes at least several seconds to notify you (typically 20 to 30) because Wyze cameras do NOT have local person detection - you only get the notification well after a video clip has been uploaded and analyzed for humans.

If you turn on regular motion notifications you might get faster alerts but of course many more non-human ones.

It’s just the way Wyze cameras are. If you want faster person alerts you will probably want to find a camera with "local AI* or built in person detection abilities. There are several.

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Also, if you are using an Wyze Outdoor battery-powered camera, it has to wake up before it can start recording. So it would be slower than a V3, for instance.