Wyze Bulb takes a whole minute to turn on

Is there a way to make the Wyze Bulb respond faster? My internet is quick and I have the newest Wyze Cam v3 with Cam Plus that’s supposed to turn the light on by person detection. But it’s incredibly disappointing that it takes a whole minute for the light to turn on. At best, it might sometimes take 20 seconds. Does the camera record first before bothering to activate any rules?

the way that specific trigger would work goes something like this.

camera senses motion and begin recording > a clip in the first 5-10 ( estimate) seconds is sent to the Wyze cloud for processing through their AI platform > a positive match is made as a person being detected and a label is “attached” to the clip and a person notification is sent to your phone/app > upon receiving this tagged status your account carries out the pre programmed rule you have to turn on the light. thats a very simplified explanation.

does it seems to go faster or slower at different times of the day? im thinking bandwidth or the home network or your ISP network slowing it down.

I usually get my rules for this type of thing within 10-20 seconds as well. it seems to vary on the final device for the rule for me. for instance the person detected > plug turns on always seems to activate a bit faster than a rule I have to turn on a color bulb. im not exactly sure why this is and the only thing I can come up with is that the number of options it has to look at before it turns on the bulb ( brightness, hue, previous state color…etc) versus the plug being just on and off might slow the bulb down some as it has more to think about. but thats just my guess.


As described well by @Bam, this will NEVER be instantaneous because Wyze does all its analysis on remote “cloud” servers. If you want faster results you’ll need either a different camera or a simpler motion detector trigger.


I see, that’s too bad. If only there was an option to turn on the Wyze Bulb from detecting cars so by the time I pull up, it’ll have enough time to turn on. Unfortunately there isn’t one. All I wanted is some temporary lighting at my front door, but that’s proving harder than I thought. An actual motion sensor bulb is knocked from everything including motion through walls and doors. And a Wyze Bulb has the same response time as an off brand smart bulb I tested that’s promted through Amazon Alexa.

I thought about getting a Wyze Sense for this but I don’t want to be disappointed again.

Looking around online, I see people talk about how their Wyze Bulb takes several seconds to activate and I just wish mine was that short u.u As a gamer, I know my internet is pretty solid. Maybe it’s all because of where I live…

How about a Bluetooth proximity trigger based on your phone or a tag in your car?

Wyze Sense v1 motion & contact sensors react in maybe 2-3 seconds to turn on a bulb. I have 27 bulbs and 5 motion sensors placed around the house.

The Sense v1 bridge and sensors are no longer available from Wyze (as V2 nears release as a part of the Home Monitoring System) but can be picked up on eBay and also in the Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack they were selling at Home Depot.

I wouldn’t recommended specifically investing in v1 at this point because there are some significant flaws in it - hence v2 being released so soon after v1. So unless you want the Smart Home Starter Pack for other reasons (it can be a good deal for the bulbs, a v2 cam, & 2 plugs because the whole kit can be found for around $50 sometimes) it might be smarter to wait and see what Wyze will do with Sense V2, rules, and the HMS.

But it is technically possible to get a much better response time for these bulbs.

A bit late but I just learned about @-ing people

@Customer That’s a good idea! Unfortunately I live in a multi family household so I can’t really apply it ^^;

@Matthast Thanks for the info :+1: I’ll be looking forward to a Wyze Sense v2 in the future then. Maybe. It’ll have to go outside so I’ll have to figure out how to not let it get stolen.