Motion Sensor Notification Delay

Notification for my Wyze Sense Motion Detector is inconsistent. Most of the time I receive an notification within a few seconds. Other time there may delays more than 5 minutes. The battery in the sensor has been replaced, there is a direct line-of-sight between the sensor and camera (about 18 feet), and the camera sits less than 3 feet from my router. My phone is an android. I also get inconsistent notifications for my contact sensors, but I attribute this to where they are located. One is on an outside gate and one is on my garage door. Not too worried about the contact sensors because I have other sensors / cameras backing up these locations, but I do wonder about the motion sensor. There is nothing impeding the signal, everything is close.


Yeah, I think really think this is an android issue more than a location issue. I have a bridge, sensor and cam co-located, within 25 feet of the router, and I can get nearly instantaneous notifications, and then the next ones will be 5, 6, 10 minutes delayed. And even though I’ve set battery options so that wyze is not put to sleep, allowed background data, all the recommendations from a dozen websites, notifications are still iffy.

FWIW - they’re even delayed on my android tablet… but in an entirely different schedule. I’ll get a phone notification but tablet comes 15 sec later… and vice versa.