Intermittently I am experiencing long delays between contact sensor opening and notifications

As the title says, I am experiencing long delays (4 minutes+) between an opening of my contact sensors and the notification of that opening; I am experiencing this on an intermittent basis. Sometimes, I achieve acceptable time-to-notification (around 3 seconds) and then other times, on the same contact sensors, I have the long delay. Then after 4 minutes or so passes, all of the notifications flood my phone at once.

I have 100MB/s down and 10MB/s up. I have a very strong WiFi system (ASUS Aimesh network) and have multiple bridges. I tie in my contact sensors with the closest bridge available. This occurs even with a contact sensor that is 3 feet away from its bridge.

Further networking info: I even considered it was the mesh network roaming, so I blocked the ability for the cameras to move to different mesh nodes. Each of my nodes are hardwired and my speeds from the locations of the cameras are at least 85down and 9up.

I’m really looking for a solution here because I need consistency in my notifications, as I use the Wyze products as a home security system.

Welcome to the forums! Thanks for all the good info. I don’t think this is going to be a internet or WiFi system issue, i think its going to be an app issue. You didn’t say what kind of device you are using, but i will take a guess and say an Android device?

I also have android and had a similar issue, which was fixed by disabling battery optimization via the OS for the Wyze app. In my experience and from what I’ve seen on here, is that Android does something similar to putting the app to sleep when the screen saver is on, then later when you unlock the phone or whatever it wakes it up, then floods you with the pending notifications. If Android, try disabling it and lets see what happens.
Edit1/ I did some searching and looks like the battery optimization didnt work for everyone. Looks to be a widespread issue for Android.
Edit2/ found that lists several ways depending on your android device manufacture to help keep apps working in the background.


Omgitstony, thanks for the response. I am actually using an iPhone 8/iOS. I will look into battery settings on my phone regardless.

It is interesting you brought up the app sleeping because this crossed my mind, but I actually thought maybe the camera was somehow sleeping. I should now mention that the notifications only flooded my phone once I opened the app AND loaded the live view of the camera. It was as though the camera was sleeping and reactivating it pushed all the notifications through.


Just whatever the equivalent of the keeping apps alive would be for Apple products. Hopefully an Apple person can chime in and give ya some hints and tips for iOS. Maybe a restart of the app and even the phone will help too.