Red Light On - Off

I have a couple V2 V3 cameras. When I press the setup bottom as expected the red light comes on and within 30 seconds the red light turns off. I am unable to proceed with setting up the camera. What’s to do? Thanks

Are your cameras V3, V2 or Battery powered version V2 cameras? :thinking:

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I have Cam V3s that plug into the adapter, the adapter into the wall power outlet.
Model WYZEc3


I try these directions or try a different power cable and adapter. Make sure your phone/device is on the 2.4 network.

When you plug it in and tap the setup button, do you not hear the cam say “Ready to Connect”?

Did you recently do a Firmware Update on those cams?

I run regular updates with the cams to keep current.
These two of the many are the issue. When I press setup the red light comes on - for around thirty seconds - then turns off. There is no delivering ‘Ready to Connect’.

Is there possibly a need to do, if possible, a factory reset?
Just that if the red light comes on there is current/signal reaching the inner components.

Wyze has been tracking this issue with the V3 Firmware Update occasionally failing.

They have suggested doing a Factory Reset first to see if it resolves and reporting back:

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you will need to download the Firmware and manually Flash the firmware onto the cam using a 32GB or smaller SD Card.