Recurring/daily time lapse schedule

Assuming you want to keep more than one Time Lapse Video, you need to download the video from your Camera, to your Phone, and, if needed, from your phone to your PC/Mac.

If you don’t download/move them off the phone, it’ll consume all the available space on your phone, I would assume.


Recurring Time Lapse

I like using the time lapse feature, however it would be much more useful if I could set it up on a recurring automated basis. In the software, create a way to do a time lapse with user defined settings to recurring automatically. This makes it much easier to record and review videos.


It would also be beneficial to enable auto downloads on WiFi so we don’t have to wait to see them. A notification of a new download would also be great.

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I know it’s unlikely that they’re going to see and actually program something new from our feedback but I’d love to see this one as well big time. Someone mentioned wyze as a perfect option for making timelapses of gardens and it’s really just not yet

Wyze camera for long-term construction time-lapse

We need to be recording various timelapse during more than 1 year but i don’t want to record nights, I just want to record a video timelapse during the day on an interval of 10 minutes between photo and photo.

This File can be saved at the microsd card every day.

May be every month we can access by the app and download those files.

The idea is to record a building construction timelapse. That is another kind of use for the wyze camera.

May be Wyze can make a software programming thing or app option to help us.

Please vote!

thanks so much!


Still nothing after 5 years?..

They responded to the request with a “Maybe Later” status, which means they’ve not committed to implement this and there are other things that are a priority over it. It’s not completely off the table, but the following is the list of requests they’re currently giving priority to now:

Number of Votes also aren’t the only thing that matters in determining which Wishlist gets priority…If it were, there are still at least 71 wishlist requests with more votes than this one that haven’t been implemented yet anyway, so it would still be far down behind a lot of other requests.

Here's a list of things that can be taken into account in determining which requests get priority, besides number of votes or how long ago it was requested:

Note the following was written for the SD card “Fast Forward/Rewind” and scrubbing wishlist request:

It would be nice to have recurring timelapse scheduling at some point, but with it being listed as “Maybe later” and having fewer than 200 votes and not very much activity, I don’t expect this to happen for a while if ever. However, the more people that contribute to the conversation like we are now, the better, and it will bring the topic to the top for others to see and be more likely to vote on it, and it will show there is still a demand for this feature and bring it to Wyze’s attention as they review the wishlist (the VP of product said in an AMA that they review the wishlist every week). So every little bit helps, but don’t get your hopes up too much on it being within the next 6-12 months since it hasn’t even been tagged as “researching” yet. Make any plans accordingly.

I’m a new Wyzer and I’d like to add my voice to this request. I simply assumed that daily Timelapse recording would be possible when I ordered my two Wyzes, so I’m a bit disappointed that it isn’t!

Well, it’s been six years for this request, so I’m not especially optimistic, but I’d love to see something I would call “continuous time lapse”

Basically it’d be the same thing as continuous recording but with an adjustable insanely slow frame rate which would save space and speed up review time.

Ideally it would produce downloadable time lapse files every day (or whatever), and you could configure it to save them forever or overwrite them in the usual continuous recording fashion.

With the recent AI improvements, this type of continuous recording would be just as useful for most of my needs anyhow.

And if I’ve just completely missed this feature, please let me know how to use it!


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