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I don’t know what your wifi network is like, but I have 5 Wyze cameras on my property with 32G cards and 2 at a bar that I manage, and all of them can send me alerts within seconds and record all the time. I have had very few issues, and most have been tweaking of the settings primarily to reduce sensitivity. I have clients, friends, and family using these cameras, and have not heard any complaints. I monitor the feed on my phone, an Android tablet, and on a Windows PC using BlueStacks.

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I only have the v2 s. But yes like wen I get the alert it will say the time the vid was actually took on it. Next time I get one I will screen shot it so u can see the time it says it recorded and the time I get it on my phone. Should b able to see both times at the same time on my lock screen. Ive never put any thought into the app being up or my screen black. I will try that. But like u said it has even slowed for u. Not as much but something has changed. Also it seems to be hit or miss. Sometimes it’s pretty good. Others it sucks.

Dude … Just pay a one time free for the app Tinycam pro. With a SD card in a cam you can then record events, get alerts on motion 24/7. You’ll find this Android app in the play store.

I sometimes get the delayed notification as well. No rhyme or reason when it does happen. Most the time it’s within less than a minute. Thankfully it’s pretty infrequent. One day I had one camera, a newly installed V2 quit notifying all day. I did a power cycle and it went right back to instant notifications. It’s been fine for days. I may put a smart plug behind all my cameras and power cycle them every so often.

Yes I have noticed resetting them will fix it temporarily. I wonder if u do a camera restart from the app if that will reset it long enough for it to fix it. It would b nice if it did. If it does fix it I wish u could schedule a restart on all devices at a certain time once a week

You can try setting a rule that automatically reboots the camera once or twice a day. I do this with all mine and I have very few issues.

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I tried to read as much as possible, and I didn’t see anyone ask, but I was wondering what type of phone you’re using, the operating system etc? Battery optimization and other systems like this can effect system notifications and the like. With any app bug you really have to do a clean wipe of your phone and install just that app to test it. I know this seems extreme but if you are experiencing bugs that others aren’t this really is the only way to figure it out. This is the sort of thing that drives Dev’s nuts (I can say from personal experience)

Great idea I will do that today. Thank you

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If you are in (genuine) fear for your life, you don’t need a wyze cam. You need a gun. And frankly by the sounds of it, several. Carry at least one with you any time you are dressed.

Get the proper training or course (in your local laws, and in weapons proficiency), but a camera is the least of your problems.

To circumvent the cool-off period of motion events, buy several cameras, and have each in a different location, and use motion zones so they don’t all alert on the same areas. That way your cool off periods will overlap better and you will capture more.


A person in fear should NOT be armed. :slight_smile:
People who are afraid don’t make great decisions.

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