Not what I anticipated!

I was excited about this camera so much so that I contacted Wyze to purchase the V3 prior to its release in the US long before it came to Canada. I had finally made my purchase from Amazon only to be struck with sheer disappointment with the functionality of the cam. With saying that, I must mention that certain functions of this cam for a budget security camera is at the top of its game but all falls short for me when you are forced into purchasing a subscription in order to utilize, to its full potential, one of its prime features, recording.

In order to record an occurrence for a respectable duration and long enough to actually capture a significant event you are pretty much forced into purchasing a subscription unless you are satisfied with recording on continuous mode. For the purposes of my purchase of the Wyze V3, recording continuously doesn’t make much sense for me but without doing so, I am left with the ridiculous recording time of only 12 seconds per memorable event, to top that off, there is the useless added feature of a 5 minute cool down period of recording between events which, in my opinion, does not make this camera worth while for budget home security.

I have returned the Wyze V3 to Amazon for a refund!!

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I too had jumped on the Band wagon…I have jumped off. Cheap security devices that maybe over time will get better…that’s the price one pays for Low Cost.

There’s so much misconception here.

You’re not forced to subscribe. Many people don’t, and rely only on SD recording.

You’re not limited to continuous SD recording.

If things aren’t clear, ask, Don’t just assume.

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I’m satisfied with SD card continuous recording. Have had all my cams doing that for years. It’s a fully-automated, no-thought-required background process.

If you are in a 12-second cloud clip you just press the SD card Playback icon at the bottom of the screen to jump to the exact time of the incident on the SD card. Couldn’t be easier.

If something happens that you notice, but the camera didn’t, it’s an easy spin of the timeline to look for a time it didn’t occur (like a car parking in front of your house), then expand the timeline and go forward to when it appeared. Then you can see what neighbor parked there.

I have only a couple cams on Cam Plus, and that is mostly to filter notifications. For instance, I have my driveway cam set to 100% sensitivity, so I use Cam Plus to filter alerts down to people, packages, and pets. But I could just as easily depend on my 1-minute cooldown motion sensor to detect only people & pets, since packages are brought by people.

So you might have a critical camera or two that you might want to apply a Cam Plus license to reduce cooldown or filter alerts, but I don’t personally think all cameras need to be equipped.

Good luck with your next camera!


So, @cohibajoe, if you jettisoned all your devices, why hang out here? Just to denigrate all day? :slight_smile:

If that is indeed NOT the case, then please do explain.

I am here because I too am a consumer and have something to say, very much like yourself.

It should be pretty clear that I was talking to cohibajoe?

That is true, as I stated, it really is my only issue with the cam as idid enjoy the functionality.

Maybe should have been but apparently I missed it lol, cheers!

I am happy to hear of your satisfaction and I too was more than happy with the V3s functionality, my opinion is TOPS!! The recording time was my one and only complaint.
Thanks for your reply, cheers!

There are no shortcuts, familiarize yourself with app and ask specific questions when you’re stumped, just like everybody else.

I already stated a couple of false hoods you’ve stated. Start there.


Just use an SD card. It will record 24x7. It works great except there are no identifying marks on the recording when an event happens, so you have to look at all the footage. The V3 has great night vision, but the bad thing with the V3 is that there is no person detection without a subscription. That one feature that was promised in the past was taken out of the V3 so there is no way to get that for free. Your last statement is true, Wyze is not a good solution for home security. Just too many issues and late notifications.

Thank you for your input Alan, I was in it more for the event recording and at 12sec with the 5 minute cool down was just not for me.
I did really like the majority of the V3s capabilities.

You misunderstood Alan_K; 12-sec recording and 5-min cooldown do not apply to SD recording.

You’re confusing cloud recording with SD recording two separate. independent processes.