Recovery from AWS outage is embarrassing

The AWS outage this week was responded to by Wyze as an outage that was fully restored, like no long term impacts to customers. But that’s far far from my experience. Everything came back up, first hint something was wrong was that my wife who is listed as my emergency contact on my home monitoring system has now had about 75 messages to tell her she is listed as a contact.

We have used the system as normal since the outage, but I’ve now had noonlignt contact me 4 times because of alarms.

My environment sensor alerted me to a freeze (it’s 70 degrees) last night, A sensor I have on a public door to trigger a camera decided to set my house alarm off. Just now I opened a door and instead of a 30 second count down it immediately set a loud alarm off waking everyone up in the building.

Wyze, you’ve just got to do better.

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That is really weird. I didn’t experience any of those things on mine. I wonder why it isn’t happening to everyone. Since it sounds like there are still some effects happening on your system, if it were me, I would try power-cycling the hub so that it refreshes everything. Check some of the settings again too. It might be worth submitting a log through the app and then contacting support over these abnormalities since it’s not something happening to everyone, it may be something specific to your system that needs to be looked into. If you already have a log reference number to give them, they can pass that on to the Tier 2 devs to look into and see if they can figure out why yours didn’t return to normal functionality like others. It is concerning that is triggering false alarms like that. Have that looked into and let us know what they tell you or find out:


Get off AWS! There are better providers… and much less intrusive!

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I also experienced no I’ll affects from the outage. My HMS has been operating as expected. However, the outage may have been limited to one of the regional AWS servers so I may well have not been within the outage region.

My preference would be to see HMS and CPP monitored services get increased AWS redundancy (sparing).

I am definitely experiencing issues since the outage as well but not quite like yours. Since the outage my security system has been going offline overnight. I have been waking up to a disarmed and offline hub every night since the outage. I power cycle every morning to experience the same issue every day.
I contacted support and they decided to send me a new hub and after re-programming all my sensors, I woke up again to another disarmed and offline hub again.

Not sure what the hell is going on but wyze support seems clueless too. I am so considering switching everything now as the monitoring system is not reliable at all. At least not since the last aws outage

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