Recording without WiFi

Help please! I am trying to use my camera inside my home but without WiFi, with the SD card. After I initially connect it to the WiFi and it is recording, I turn the WiFi off on my phone to take the camera offline. However, the recording to the SD card stops at that point as well. What am I not doing right?

Sounds like you may be trying to record from the app. You don’t need the app to record to the SD card inside the camera, that happens automatically in the camera without your phone by turning on Advanced Settings > Local Storage > Local recording to SD Card, “Continuous recording” in the app for that camera. After that, your phone and the app are no longer needed.

You can go back into the app hours or days from now and see what was recorded to the SD card inside the camera by pressing the “View Playback” button below the camera’s live stream when your phone is in portrait mode. From there you can dial up any time and record any selected clip to your phone. To get better time resolution, coarse dial in the time, then reverse-pinch the timeline.

The camera needs to be on an Internet-enabled WiFi when it starts up, but turning off WiFi on your phone only turns off WiFi to your phone.


Thank you!