Cam don't record without WiFi

These days I have been having challenges using the cams. They don’t record any events without WiFi. Any help?
It all started last year December when I updated the cam’s firmware version

They don’t record to an SD card or to the cloud? They need WiFi to record to the cloud and for the initial setup and any notifications etc. Once setup is completed, an SD card is installed and the camera is set to record to the SD card, it will continue recording to the SD card even if it loses network access. But you can’t use the app to view the recordings until the network access is restored.

It can’t record to the sd card

My Cam v2, firmware will also will not record to the SD card without active wifi. I am beginning to think all the people who say they can record without wifi are using older cameras or older firmware.

That would be a change and it would surprise me. How are you testing the recordings and does it work with WiFi enabled?