Recording without network

This is a tense request for help or something.

Right outside the house my girlfriend was mugged and beaten. They found where the internet access and pulled plug then killed power to house. My girlfriend thought something popped so she went to return power and did so. But as she was going back in they attacked. The Wyze camera which was working before stopped working and did not record any of the incident after the power was restored.

I pulled the 64gb card and was reviewing it. It stops right before the power goes out and never returned even after power was restored but network wasn’t restored. Is there a chance it did record but it was saved elsewhere on card. We can’t give sherrif the evidence otherwise.

All help is accepted thank you

Hello @scpalmer84 and welcome to the community. I am very sorry to hear this happened and hope your girlfriend is recovering.

As far as the camera recording the event, most likely not, when power is restored the camera will have to connect to the servers before it will start recording again. Since your network was not restored yet it had not made this connection yet and would not have started recording. I am sorry I do not have a better answer and more importantly I hope your girlfriend is recovering from this.

I’m so very sad to hear that. Unfortunately now we have no specific evidence. My GF had night terrors all night. I’m sadly very disappointed in the camera now. It can’t protect us as I thought it would.

It is unfortunate, and again I am sorry and hope she recovers from this.

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You might consider a UPS for your network devices, that way your network stays up and the camera(s) should reconnect as soon as power is restored and they reboot. I have a 1500 watt UPS that all of my network devices plug into, it can keep them running for 30 minutes or more.