Recording wild animal in our garden

help with setup wanted.
Wyze Pan Cam V3.

in our garden, day or night, an animal comes and leaves its feces.

what should the settings be to automatically record a video when the animal comes, and for the camera to automatically follow the animal’s movements around the garden and record them.

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To record event video, you will either need a uSD card in the camera (recommended), and/or a CamPlus subscription. Each has advantages and disadvantages. A uSD card records either continuously or on motion events, whereas using CamPlus uploads motion event video data to the Wyze cloud servers.

To set up uSD card recording, select the gear in the upper right corner to get settings and then Advanced Settings. Turn on “Record to MicroSD Card” and select either “Continuous” or “Events Only”.

Back on the Settings page, select “Detection Settings”. That will allow setting detection sensitivity, and set detection zones. For a Pan camera, that last one is of little value. You can also turn off the stupid green box by turning off “Motion Tagging”.

Back on the Settings page, select “Event Recording”. This page lets you set what kinds of events to record.

And back on the Settings page, select “Notifications”. This page lets you set whether you are to be notified in the event of events.

As for getting the getting the camera to track, on the row of icons below the video, scroll left so you can see the additional icons. One of those will be “Track Motion” turn that on.

Note, on all of these pages, I have given the summary. Play with the settings to see what each actually does. That way you learn, rather than being spoon fed a config and not knowing what the settings do.

If/when you have specific questions, feel free to ask.


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I have applied your settings, but no videos are recorded, only still images. Why ?
It seems that the Tracking function does not work correctly

If you look at the attached picture, I would expect there to be a tracking video when the camera observes a person in motion ??