Why my camera suddenly stopped creating events(video clips) for me after a good 3 weeks of usage

Hello, Dear all:
Three weeks ago (8/1) I purchased a wzye pan cam and asked my friend to install it in my home. I am out of town and worried about my two lovely cats at home. It works so well and has been sent me 10 videos every day based on my settings. Suddenly after yesterday 6 am, I didn’t see any recorded events loaded. Do you think why? If I need to pay for the camera plus membership ? I don’t think it is needed for regular usage, right?

I have to admit, I didn’t check my app yesterday. But it is not needed. It should detect something and upload the event to my clouds then when I open my events, I can see all of them. Do you think the clouds is full?

I still can connect with camera by APP. It is working fine.

Thanks alot!
a worried two cats’ mom :slight_smile:

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Did you put in an SD Card? If you did, check to see if there are any recorded events. You can also set it up for continuous recording as well. Then you can see what is happening 24x7.

Please note that without CamPlus, you will only get 12 second recordings and a cooldown of 5 minutes. This restriction does not apply to the SD Card.

In addition, start the App and Connect to the Camera and see if you can Live stream it manually. Wonder if the Cats may have knocked it over. If you cannot stream, then you may need to click on the Gear in the top Right of the Live Feed Screen, scroll to the bottom and click on Restart. If that does not work, you may have someone power Cycle the Camera by unplugging the power and plugging it back in.

Also, verify your settings:

  1. Got to the Gear of the device you wish to check on
  2. lick Detection Settings to make sure your settings are where you want. My Motion sensitivity is set to 90
  3. Under Event Recording, make sure you select Detects Motion
  4. Under Notifications, Make sure you select the Motion option

Also Note: On the main screen Home Tab, you will see a Bell at the top right, to the left of the Pencil icon. Make sure you do not see ZZZ over it. If you do, tap on that to take notifications out of sleep mode.

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Thanks a lot!! It looks the device works again! So happy to see their walking around there~~ I am checking the items listed here. Very helpful.


My Pleasure. It really helps when you put in an SD Card in as there is no limitations. you can record continuously or when an event happens.

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Dear all: I found there is a problem about the daylight mode of the device. It is very dark .

The normal look two days ago

Not sure how dark it is, but it does look kind of dark. :slight_smile:

However, tap on this icon until you see Auto.


Assume you have a V3 as you were mentioning Daylight (Starlight), this only works when there is enough light in the area for the system to enhance everything. The image above @6:27am is pretty dark, I don’t see much of a light source. The 2nd image @6:52, looks like you have a window or curtain open which is letting enouigh light in. Plus it is about 30 minutes later in the day.

Cycling the icon I provided above will allow for the Night Vision (IR).