Recording video clips from Playbacks only recording a small portion of the screen

I’m trying to record a video clip from some saved video and after the clip is recorded and saved to my phones library(iPhone 8) I go to watch the clip and its a recording of a very small area of the video frame instead of the whole frame. I’ve tried changing how the view to record it, full screen vs the standard screen in the WYZE app and this does not seem to matter. I’ve tried zooming in and out as the video is recording and that doesn’t matter. It always records the same small area vs the whole frame. This is from one of the small stationary cameras. I have 2 rotating cameras and they don’t have this issue. Thoughts anyone?


I’m having the same issue, it just started today. I can view the timeline video just fine but when I save a clip from it, it saves a zoomed in portion of the top corner of the video. Does anyone have any suggestions?

This is fixed in the current beta, so be patient. It should be released soon. Or you could join beta. Instructions in the pinned post here: #beta

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Same issue with WyzE Cam V3 firmware , iPhone app v2.22.21

The solution is here Saving video from Cam Plus problems - #50 by WyzeBaohua , namely avoiding 360p live stream setting when you want to record from playback.

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