Recording duration time

Can anyone tell me how you set the camera to record for 5 minutes as it should. Ours is only recording minute long videos . I tried to call and they haven’t been able to resolve this or understand .

More information would help. Do you have CamPlus? CamPlus Lite? No subscription? This is a Cam V3 and not one of the battery cams?

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Yes it’s a cam plus not a battery one and with a subscription

There is no time setting in the recordings for CamPlus. In theory, your camera should make a cloud recording for as long as it detects motion.

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Oh ok . Thank you. It seems ours cuts off before it should. There is also gaps in recording time. It definitely doesn’t stay on as long as there is motion unfortunately. Perhaps it’s a setting or something .

What is your Motion Detection Sensitivity set at? Most of my v3 cameras are set at 90.

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