Recording continuously through glass?

I’d like to see what’s been eating my plants. It looks like the Wyze Cam v3 can be mounted inside on a window that points where needed.

From what I’ve read so far it appears the motion detector will not work through the glass. But it looks like a 32GB MicroSD card can hold 48 hours of HD video which is more than enough for a night time recording. Is that continuous or a type of time lapse recording?

It looks like a smart phone app controls the camera, but can I watch the recording on my PC?
It would be easier to scan through several hours of video on a big screen.

If I just record on an MicroSD card do I still need an online account?

Thanks for any ideas & suggestions.

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It is a continuous recording. You will be able to playback from the SD Card to see what is up.

You can use Wyze Live View, if you have Cam Plus. If not, you can either watch the content via the app or remove the SD Card and put that into a computer and watch it that way.

Yes, without the account you will not be able to setup the cameras or logon to view them. If you are referring to Cam Plus Service, then technically you would not need the service if you are only using the SD Card.


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Yes you can place your v3 up against a window . I have 1 v3 that’s pressed up against a window and I get no glare . I do have trouble with double sided windows though so use dark curtains to darken the back so as to reduce glare

You can also use their window mount that’s designed specifically for the v3 so you don’t have to press the v3 up against a window . I like these for the glare reducing

I’ve had no issues with the motion detection with my v3’s that are looking out through a window . Works fine for both motion and AI. A little tweaking in the settings and it should be fine

Yes you’re correct I get 2 days worth of HD recording to a 32 gb micro sd card . That would be continuous recording . You can also do Timelapse’s in the app

Yes you can view the cameras on a PC , you have to use their web view website . The camera MUST have a cam plus subscription to view it on the website. It’s only meant for live streaming and events I believe (don’t quote me on that as i don’t use it bc I don’t have a PC currently, maybe @spamoni4 can help with this one as I see he’s typing :slight_smile: )

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Most questions have already been answered above, so I won’t duplicate. But, I can add just a note: the cam that will not detect motion thru glass is the Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) because it uses a PIR motion sensor which doesn’t work thru glass. The V3 uses light pixelation software to detect motion in the video.

You will not be able to use IR night vision with the V3 as the IR light emitters on the cam will reflect off the glass and wash out the image.


My concern is the 2FA that I’ve been reading about & causing problems for some people. All I want to do is record some video to see what animal is ruining some plants & trying to keep things simple.

It sounds like I cannot directly access the camera & have to go through WYZE, is that correct?

You must go through Wyze to use the cams. Many users complain about 2fa because they aren’t using it right, but I have had no issues with it and many users have used it with more advanced setups with no issues either


As @IEatBeans said, 2FA works fine for me and has for years. It is only needed to be provided to get into the app not into each camera.


Just another 2¢… For what it’s worth.

The App is required to install the cams. A free account is required to use the app. The App is required to adjust settings and view the Live Stream, Recorded Cloud Events, and the SD Card Playback footage.

The 2FA, once initially setup, will not ask you to authenticate again when opening and closing the app. It is a one & done unless you physically press the “Sign Out” button in the account tab or uninstall and reinstall the app.

You do not have to sign up for any subscription.

The basic free plan will be limited in the cloud events it records and saves (thumbnail snapshot only, no video; 5min cooldown between snapshots; no Smart AI Tagging, Motion events only)

But, the SD card recording is not restricted at any subscription level. It is only limited by the size of the card you purchase and insert. I recommend High Endurance Cards.

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There’s not much light where I want to point the camera at & I’ve been thinking how to lighten it up without scaring away any animal(s) before I find out what it is. I could hang some Christmas lights on the gutter which is above the plants but not sure if the visible light would scare away whatever animal comes by at night.

I see a “Wyze Cam Spotlight Bundle”. The pictures on the website make it look pretty bright & the features say “Dual IR light System”. Does that mean it’s visible light & IR? Can the light be removed so the camera can be used with window mount & the light somehow mounted by itself?

The cam provides the IR function thru native capability. The visible white light comes from the spotlight add on. The light is made to clip onto the top of the cam. There is no external mount. Using this behind glass will definitely wash out the image.

Perhaps look into an IR Flood Light or “Blaster” to put outdoors and run the V3 in Night Vision with the IR emitters off?

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