Recording A Segment from "View Playback"

When using the “View Playback” feature, I believe the SD card on the camera is being accessed. If the “Record” button is tapped while viewing a captured video and then stopped, that segment will be found by tapping the “Album” button. Where is the Album content being recorded? Is it on the SD card or the Wyze server or maybe both? If it’s on the SD card, can the recording somehow be accessed without using the Wyze app and without having to remove the card from the camera (which is not easily reachable)? An explanation of how this all works will be much appreciated.

That button/function saves it to your device. Your phone or tablet that you are using the Wyze app on.

On this support page, scroll down to “record”. The functions work the same for the record button for both live view and playback.

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