Record multiple clips if movement continues

If a porch pirates pulls into my driveway, the Wyze app records 12 seconds of a vehicle. It does not recognize or record the person getting out of the vehicle and taking items from the porch.
Please find a way, either through AI for detecting humans / animals, or continuous clips so we can see more than just the vehicle.

There are several topics related to this in Wishlist, Roadmap and #ask-the-community already. For example:

That said, if you install a microSD card in the camera, you can record motion events as long as they continue, or you can set it to record continuously regardless of motion.

The 12-second clip tells you something happened, and when it happened. Use that info to switch to playback mode and take as along a clip as you like from the SD card.

This would be a possibility if we had larger SD card capacity.

You can store 2-8 days on the card now, how much time do you need?


I have 32 gig and have about two hours of recording time in HD. I won’t see my alerts until the end of the work day. By then, it’s too late. Trying to find a few seconds on the previously recorded video takes a loooong time.

A 32 Gig card will save a full 2 days in HD (I get about 2-1/2 days). The alert will tell you what time to dial up on Playback. You don’t have to search.

Everything works fine with my SD Card, other than it’s not large enough to record 8 hours of HD.
I’m at work. I can’t whip out my phone and fumble with the clunky playback at work.
I have to wait until I’m off work. By that time, the video is overwritten. @Newshound - you clearly are way off base from my request and reason for request.

There are a couple possibilities here.

One, your card may have a bad format, or be full of something other than normal SD recordings. Like maybe a time lapse recording, or something else. Or, you may have a malfunction. There is no way a 32 GB memory card only captures 2 hours of video.

You should go to the camera’s settings, then Advanced Settings > Local Storage and reformat the card. That should clear anything that may be keeping space from the camera. Then look at the second number under memory available. That should be around 29GB. If it isn’t, open a support ticket. If it is, and you still aren’t getting more than 2 hours of video, then open a support ticket.

Getting only 2 hours of video on a 32 GB card is not normal.

Good luck.

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