Reconnecting Wyze Cam to WIFI after prolonged internet connection issues

I have a Wyze Cam installed in a hard to reach area, which appears to still have power. It was connected to a standalone WIFI Router for many months without issues. About a month ago, the WIFI router was accidentally disconnected from the internet. Now, upon reconnecting the internet and resetting the WIFI Router, I am not able to connect to the Wyze Cam. So, my question is:

If the Wyze Cam is either:
1) unable to connect to the internet (router disconnected from the internet), OR
2) unable to connect to the WIFI router
Does the Wyze Cam eventually give up after a certain period of time and require a reset or at least a power cycle?

I am trying to figure out what else I can do from the ground before I have to climb up to the Wyze Cam itself to troubleshoot.


It should keep trying to connect to your network. If it doesn’t then a power cycle might be needed in this case.

Your cam does need an Internet connection to Initialize. In the scenario where the cam lost connection/power while Internet was out, you probably will need to power cycle the cam.

OK, thanks to all. Time to climb the pole …