REconnecting to camera

Somehow I disconnected my Cam V3 on my app, Is there any way I can re-add it remotely. The camera is in Florida and I am back north. The camera had been set-up down there.

Unfortunately, no.

If you delete a cam from the app, the only way to get it back is to reinstall it which requires the scan of the QR code on the device with the app\account it is being installed to.

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Bummer, but thank you for the information

I screen capture a copy of QR code. save it.

so you can use the it again. just input snything in your add device.
when come to QR code screen , scan saved screen.

I have not use it for remote.

How does that help when the phone doing the adding has to be on the same network anyway?

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I can give it a try thank you