Cam v.3 cannot install, stops at QR code recognition

I recently bought a Cam v.3 and I cannot get it to recognize the base station. The app on the iPhone stalls at reading the QR code. I tried non-fluorescent, natural lighting as well.

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The V3 does not connect or use the Wyze Base Station, it connects to your personal wifi network. Do ou also have a Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) with the base station? If so, only the WCO can connect to the base station.

If you are trying to connect it to your home WIFI, then is the full QR Code visible in the app? Sometimes depending on your devices display settings that may cause the QR code to get cut off. Are you trying to connect to the 2.4 ghz network?

One thing to try is to get it to the point of showing the full QR code on your device, then lay the device flat, but screen pointing up on a counter or table. Then press the setup button on the camera and place it with the lens down ontop of the device, then lift up on the camera slowly and hopefully by about 8-9 inches above the device it scans.

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Thank you very much, Omgitstony. Lifting the cam away from the iPhone allowed for a wifi connection.


Nice! It helps with the foreground/background exposure i think which makes the code easier to read for the camera. Thanks for the update!

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