Cam V3 cannot scan QR code

Just received a V3 cam today. Have been unable to get it to scan the QR code from my iPhone. Have tried changing phone brightness, distance between camera and phone, angle, etc and nothing has worked. Anyone else having trouble with v3? I’ve not had this degree of difficulty with any of my v2 cams or outdoor cams.

Hi @a7lewis and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

The V3 is a little more picky then the V2 when scanning the QR code.

  • The distance between camera and shone should be around 5 inches.
  • LED lighting in room can cause problems.
  • Make sure there is no reflection off the phone.

If you have a uSD card in the phone while you’re attemting the QR scan, you can remove it and see what the camera was viewing.


Thanks! Changing my lamp from a CFL bulb to an incandescent did the trick. I was then able to get the QR code scan to be recognized. Thanks for the tips!

Super! Thanks for the feedback. Please mark Solution to close. :slightly_smiling_face: