Reconnecting or Changing Wifi Connection

I’ve changed wifi and needed to reconnect the camera. Is there an easier way than deleting camera and recreating?

The easiest way is to change the SSID (WiFi network name) and security key (WiFi password) to be exactly the same as the old WiFi.

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If you can’t do as SeaPup suggested, DO NOT DELETE the camera. Just do the setup again, and then all your settings & rules will be retained.


I just moved 4 v2s from wifi 5 to wifi 6. Each cam had to be reconfigured. The move also :duck:'d my granular detection zone setup. Now instead of little squares, I have one big square.

If I bought a replacement router and trashed the old router, keeping the same name would be helpful. I moved the v2s to a mesh network so naming will be easier next time, maybe.

Just verified that settings correctly copy over on a v3 cam when moved to a different router. The moved v3 also retained the more granular detection zone.

Seems only my v2 cams (3) were downgraded and had to be reset manually.

Thanks @K6CCC .