Reconnect to cam from remote

Hi guys.

I have two Cam v2, plugged in my house in Europe. I live in Asia. One cam stopped working (impossible to connect), so I asked one of my neighbours to unplug and replug it, hoping that it would reconnect back to my account, but it doesn’t seem it does.

I still see it as Offline. I am trying to understand what is happening and how to solve my issue.

Is it normal behaviour that after some time being offline, it would lose the link to the account, which would explain why it doesnt reconnect, even after being replugged ? If not, that would just mean my neighbour didn’t replug it correctly…

What is the best way for me to regain connection ? I can’t go there as I am stuck and can’t fly (as many).

Thanks a ton.


Welcome to the group! Yes it’d be hard to troubleshoot across continents. If the camera was right next to me, and showed offline, I’d try to determine if the camera was offline due to a problem with the camera, or the wifi it’s connected to. I’d check these things:
What’s the status light on the camera showing? This will tell what status the camera is in it what it’s doing. Also I like watching the status light as it gets powered on, as that may give clues.
Indication Light_2
Based on what this told me, I’d go from there.
Is the wifi network working? Is there some outside wifi congestion in the channel I am using? Does the camera say can’t connect? Can you remote into your router or network and do some troubleshooting? Restart router?

I guess this all depends on how savvy your helpful neighbor is is how this all will go. :slight_smile:


You have 2 V2 cams in your remote house. One you can still see, so I’m guessing your WiFi & Internet is up there.

I would try having your neighbor do another power-cycle on the missing cam, as it should connect to your account afterwards.

Like @Omgitstony said, it would be great if your neighbor could tell us what they see, but them just power-cycling the router may be useful if they have no skills. It will take several minutes after that before you can try again with the Wyze app.


Really the simplest explanation is that the USB power supply went bad, which wouldn’t have been fixed by replugging (so of course no lights at all). What did the neighbor see / hear?

Also , tell your neighbor when he unplug’s to follow the directions here so he is actually Power Cycling the cam. Those few seconds can be critical.

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