Reboot router vs reset smart plug

My question is:
Does rebooting my router accomplish the same thing as resetting smart plugs when they hang up ? If so, I may just eliminate the smart plugs in my network and reboot the router when I have an issue……tlhutch4

It all depends on what devices you are talking about. Before I reset the router, I power cycle the devices. This will allow the devices to essentially reboot and establish a new connection to the router. Sometimes that is all that is needed. if you have multiple devices with connection issues, then cycling the router can help.

Which devices are you speaking about? Other than a camera, do you have some other Wyze Devices plugged into a smart plug?

My devices that need frequent recycling are all V3 cameras although I use smart plugs on several lights as well.
Now that I have a new mesh router I have been using router reboot to recycle and clear disconnect issues with mainly the cameras when they are frequently occurring. I can’t seem to eliminate random camera disconnects ( possibly because a couple of my cameras are near the limits o
Therefore I’m thinking that I don’t really need the smart plugs because resetting them doesn’t always clear the issue but rebooting the router always does.
That’s why I’m thinking that removing the smart plugs on the cameras and rebooting might make sense.
Your thoughts?

The reason I have the smart plugs on my cams is for when I am not there to reboot the router. I use them for remote power cycling when I am away.

Many basic routers are inaccessible remotely to cammand a power cycle or reset procedure thru the internet. Others have incredibly complicated login or administrative access to get to a reboot command remotely. Many users would not be able to access the router admin remotely.

For me, a router reboot is a method of last resort. While it may restore the connection to the cam, it also may take a considerable amount of time to reset. And, during that time, everything is down… All cams, all plugs, all switches, and my HMS Home Security System. I am blind and unprotected during what can be up to 20 minutes or more.

Slabslayer, My mesh router reboots in about 5 min and is as easy as hitting the reboot button on the router app. It has a satellite and works quite well. Fast and easy to reboot…tlhutch4


That is awesome! You got a very accessible Mesh Router! (Is it one of the new Wyze Mesh Routers?)

Count yourself blessed! There are some that aren’t that speedy or accessible!

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I have wifi smart plugs on my Wyze cameras and my Echos and Echo Dots. Every room including garage, garage attic and house attic have Dots. I reboot all the cameras and Dots between 3:00 and 4:00 every day. This increases the likelihood of a stable connection all day and into the night. And the 4/5th gen Dots stop responding to person detection if not rebooted. Now that everything is working, last thing I am going to do is start removing wifi smart plugs. But that’s just me.

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I hear you SamBam. However, because my smart plugs are difficult to get to and how easy and fast it is to reboot my new router I’m going to remove the smart plugs on the cameras and just reboot the router routinely to see if that helps the stability…tlhutch4

That is the entire point of having smart plugs. You never have to touch them. You place them one time and they are there when you need them and all you need is your phone and the app. Having redundancy isn’t a bad thing.

SlabSlayer------Good reply, however I’m doing the router reboot on occasion and removing the smart plugs on my cameras. This combination has definitely improved the problem of cameras disconnecting. For me Smart plugs for my cameras are not required.