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I’m Loving the concept of the Cams. I have noticed what I see from my Real Time window perspective to what I am seeing on my tablet is around a 20 second delay. Is this common for all WYZE users? Can anyone offer up an explanation of why the delay? Or offer a suggestion on what needs to be adjusted so what I see live will be the same on what i see on my tablet/phone monitor?
I just want to be a bit Wyzer on Wyze usage…

Did you find the little secret - “Enable Hardware Decoder” switch?
From the Home Screen → Account → App Settings → Camera → Enable Hardware Decoder
Turn it on.
That took care of most of my delay.

Thanks for the reply…I wondered about that setting…I thought it was for the format of the save video for the device someone would be watching the playback video from…some devices need to have the video in a certain format…let me give that a try…I’ll get back to you see if it changes the amount of time I am seeing the live view to what I am seeing on the the tablet/phone/monitor device.

It’s in
buried under Hardware Decoder (which is a pain to find in the first place :slight_smile: )

Thanks for that …IT WORKED…now I am All the Wyzer on being a Wyze user…much appreciated Gemnili …you’re a GEM…

Where is that located at? How do you know you have a 20 sec delay?

Location - For android read up a few posts.
20 sec delay - It might not be exactly 20 seconds but if for example:
You move the camera while watching it on android - you should see the scene move almost immediately, If there is significant, many second delay you might need to use the decoder button.
Watch the video.
And it depends on your hardware. I suspect newer devices have better GPU’s.

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