Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Its not just on boot - it can also occur after the DHCP lease expires.

This is common on ESP8266 and many other IoT devices. As @teredactle stated, and I agree, it’s poorly written firmware that causes this type of issue.

I understand why Wyze does it. I agree that they should do it. I don’t agree that it’s acceptable or that they implemented it correctly. It’s poor coding and can easily be fixed by a knowledgeable developer on this topic.

Will the new Wyzecam V3 support this RTSP firmware?

@paul4004 Welcome back to the community! Not yet.


Wow great news, what’s the timeframe on that?
How do we preorder these in Canada?

Thank you.

Any chance the new device has enough memory that you can offer RTSP without needing a custom, unmaintained firmware?


@paul4004 You’re welcome! I haven’t heard any more about it at this point. However, Wyze will send out an announcement with the full details when it’s implemented.

@teredactle Since Wyze just launched the v3, I really don’t know what the ETA is. You can reach out to Gwendolyn on buying the v3 in Canada, they may have answer to that question.


I really hope this is the case (upgraded memory) and agree that it should not be a forked firmware that never gets updated. I tried the v2 but can really only run one camera because the connection becomes unreliable with more than one unit.

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Under the heading of “some folks are never satisfied”…

Not only do I want RTSP support (for which I have cast my vote) on the V3 (of which I just ordered 2 for testing) I would also like to have ftp support for bulk copies of the SD card (as I would prefer to avoid fetching the camera to remove the SD card).

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It is a major pain to have to remove the SD card for a few reasons

  1. it could be in a spot where you need a step(ladder) to get it
  2. one out of 5 times, the sd card goes flying out due to the spring loaded mechanism
  3. each time the camera needs to be realigned because of the “floppiness” of it’s rotation/inclination design (some cameras have become so loose that they will never stay put under their own weight)
  4. this feature should be implemented because the “view playback” feature although a good concept, sucks in real life application

So I would also like to see that this is somewhere on the roadmap!

2 years and 1,000 votes. “Maybe later.”

@Customer … thanks for the reminder… I see that I have already Voted for remote access to the SD card, but over the last 2 years I forgot. :grinning:

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Next up, RTSP on Outdoor Cams?

  • Yes, I understand it would drain the battery, but it would be useful if it was near an outdoor plug.
  • Yes, I understand that having it plugged in while outside would no longer make it totally waterproof, but I (along with many others) have strategically placed all of mine under an awning.
  • Yes, I understand that having it plugged in all the time would kill the batteries over time, but this would still be worth it to me

Done properly, the RTSP server URL would live on the base station, and it would wake up the camera only on demand (just as it does for Wyze app viewing).

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That would work too!

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The v3 outdoor rated plugged in full time. Hopefully they have an RTSP firmware for it as well.

@StopICU33 thanks, any chance you have any timeline on rtsp FW on v3? Additionally, any chance there is some work done at supporting a usb RJ45 dongle via the USB-A port? You guys have created firmware to make v2 into a webcam, why not add support for an ethernet dongle, that would be simply amazing.

@WyzeGwendolyn any chance there is a timeframe when v3 will be able to be ordered from Canada?

Thank you!

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It’s in the works but I don’t know the ETA.

Additionally, any chance there is some work done at supporting a usb RJ45 dongle via the USB-A port?

There is an existing Wishlist request for POE capable. If you haven’t already, you can jump over to this thread and add your vote.

No, not POE. The USB port used to connect the wyze as a webcam, can be used (with the right coding) to allow the use of a USB to RJ45 dongle/adapter. Camera would still be powered via the power plug. This is the same as many Android media boxes can do, firetv stick etc. Not the same as the POE feature, although that would be nice to have too but I don’t think it will happen as that would required hardware changes where the adapter via the USB port would require only SW changes (code).

Sorry about that my bad. If you want, you can make a new #wishlist request for usb RJ45 dongle.

That has been discussed/requested previously, not sure if it’s already a wishlist.