Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

I got RTSP working on my Yi Outdoor camera. Bonus round I am now able to grab a frame on demand with ffmpeg. ffmpeg is running on my Hoe Assistant server (RPi4) but the mechanics of the frame grab are independent of Home Assistant.

…all to say if RTSP ever works on WyzeCam v3 I can set up more cameras to watch the garden grow.

Bought a v2; enabled RTSP with the firmware update. Blue Iris software saw it and connected. Works perfectly. Then bought two more V2 cams and did the same firmware updates. Again, BI software worked fine with them.

The v3 cam’s improved night sensitivity would be great to have. As soon as RTSP can be made to work in those, I’ll buy some.


Have you every looked at the BI UI3 interface to see how many disconnects you get with those cameras? give that a go, you’d be surprised, there are consistent disconnects/reconnects on those RTSP streams

I’ll bite: Where might I find that “UI3”?

Edit: Looks like that’s a web interface? I have BI eMail me triggered alerts with stills. I can log in using a remote access software to see what’s actually happening in the BI window and even review all video and alerts. I’m not sure what the UI3 will provide that I need. If the video BI is recording seems to be complete without time-code breaks, I imagine I’m getting good results.

Yup the web interface. If you open that and watch it, you will see the Wyze cams disconnect; it reconnects quickly (within 1 or 2 secs) so it will not trigger alerts unless you have that time very short - log in and watch it for a few minutes or look at the logs (top of BI interface in windows, the icon that looks like a chart) Messages tab.

How, was it 3rd party firmware? Does it stream RTSP full time even if Internet drops? Is it secure, can you set login/password on the RTSP stream?

How, was it 3rd party firmware? Does it stream RTSP full time even if Internet drops? Is it secure, can you set login/password on the RTSP stream?

  • Yes see: yi-hack-4 and it is NOT all free ($5euros = $6+ USD) if you want to view the RTSP stream
  • Yes… NO external internet connection required
  • Yes… I use tinyCam to view the RTSP stream “locally” (at home), I use Home Assistant (with LetsEncrypt/SSL connection to view remotely

A “bonus” of the Yi Hack is that it includes Pure-FTPd so you can copy files from the camera without physically accessing the SD card. You can cobble together pseudo streaming from the ftp files (and avoid the 5euro charge) if you want.

Ah, well yeah with 3rd party. Now with Wyze and the RTSP firmware that is also supported while being able to use the APP, moving off to no easy app… if there was TinyCam Pro on IOS, no problem, but there isn’t and there will likely never be, complications with VPNing into home when away from home for others in the household makes things … “complicated”… so Wyze it is, for now… :slight_smile:

agreed… I have two V3s on order and high hopes for supported RTSP availability from Wyze.

Hi, folks!

We’re working on getting an RTSP update going now. Newer Wyze Cam hardware (purchased since July - August) is not compatible with the existing one. It will take at least a couple of weeks but this update will have a security update, be based on a more recent Wyze Cam firmware version, and be compatible with all Wyze Cam v2 cameras. :slight_smile:


Awesome news! Can you tell us if the rtsp implementation is reworked or carried over “as is”.

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That’s tremendous, great to hear. Will this somehow also apply to V3s or is that a separate kettle of fish?

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Thank you @WyzeGwendolyn! This is great news! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been out of this thread for awhile. Just to clarify, this new release will do RTSP on v2 and v3 cams?

According to the post above, and from what I have read it will apply to v2 cams, v3 will take a different version that they are looking into. The one for v2 is the one that is a few weeks out.

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Hmmm… I bought three V2 cams from Amazon less than a month ago and successfully flashed all three (and they work perfectly). Some questions:

  1. How do I know whether the extra three I just bought yesterday are the older or newer “V2” models? Might WyzeGwendolyn provide a serial number “cut-off date”?

  2. If they are the newer models, will the flashing work, report it can’t be used, or will it brick my cameras?

Thank you,

I believe the newest hardware has a different FCC ID: 2ANJHWYZEC02 instead of 2ANJHWYZEC2.

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Thanks, Bluby. I’m returning the 3 units I just bought (not the “old” original 3 as they work perfectly) and will order three new v3 units when the RTSP firmware is made available.

The improved night vision will be welcomed.


Vote on this topic too please It's time for Wyze to grow up and support RTSP (full integration)! - #9 by davidnestico2001

Would love to see RTSP integration. I’m canceling my Cam Plus subscription. I find that being able to stream with rtsp on the beta version firmware is more important then cloud storage. I am also going to wait on preorders to the V3 cams until I know if RTSP will be supported.