Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

They know that we’re not partnered because I confirmed that not long ago. Appreciate the skepticism, though! :slight_smile:


Sorry Gwendolyn … no skepticism intended, actually.

I was responding to andrewasciutto, who had responded to an earlier message of mine. I got the email notification from his response, but didn’t see your message, which was posted between my original message and the time that Andrew responded.

Is there a way to ask the forum to send me email notifications for ALL messages that appear on this thread, rather than just the ones that are replies to something I said?

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Look for the button that says “Normal” at the bottom of the topic. Change it to Watching:


Awesome … Thanks. I actually had it set to “tracking” previously.

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You can set the default in your preferences


Thanks. I didn’t know about that either :slight_smile: and I’ve set it now.

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tinyCam dev here, There is no any agreement with Wyze. All is done be reverse engineering Wyze protocol. Moreover we shared sources on github and it is possible for everyone (e.g. Blue Iris) to implement native Wyze Cams support in their NVR.


Hi Alexey … I actually looked at that github release when it was first announced quite some time back. Thanks for your generosity in sharing info. If I remember correctly, the github release included some binaries (without source) for Throughtek libraries that are presumably needed to duplicate what you did.

Do you know if it’s actually okay for Blue Iris to use those libraries to implement support the way you did?

Sources are here

Binaries are here

This is enough for implementing Wyze Cam support.


TinyCam mystery solved! Thanks @alexey.vasilyev , even tho we may have bashed your app a bit earlier in this thread. Sometimes it takes a bit of force to squeeze things out. Thanks for having thick skin.

Now we can all go on our merry way and support what we like, what works and encourage improvements.


tiny cam pro user here… please please please make you app available on windows. I would love a more powerful alternative to android.

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I really am struggling to understand why this will only support LAN streaming.

I need to be able to send this to a WAN. Whether that’s a cloud-hosted NVR (on AWS, etc.) or as a camera on a different LAN than my WyzeCam.

I think that they mean that you’ll have to be able to connect to the IP address of the camera in order to open the RTSP stream, just like you need to be able to do with any other IP camera. If you are making your other IP cameras accessible by port forwarding (hopefully not!) or by using a vpn, that’s highly likely to still work.

No Windows version planned. There are quite powerful Android devices, like NVIDIA Shield TV which can handle a lot of cameras. Check this live demo running tinyCam PRO on NVIDIA Shield TV (you need to accept self-signed SSL certificate).
Username: demo
Password: demo


+1 for RTSP. Would need control over Day/Night mode as I am using indoors (until Outdoor Cam is ready; too darn cold in Canada for 3-4 months at a time) through front door sidelites and can’t enable Night mode due to reflections. Looking to use with Synology NAS so all the motion detection and notification is already available through it’s Surveillance app. Would hate to loose PTZ feature; as others have stated, basic hardware should function and be controllable through RTSP

I view my Wyze cams on my Echo Show and also on TVs with Amazon Firesticks. I want RTSP also as a means to also view the cams with a 3rd party app on my Windows phone, but without sacrificing the access I now have using Alexa with Echo Show and Firestick TV,

Will RTSP being made available have any negative effect on cam access using Alexa ?

I think it was mentioned that RTSP would be alternate firmware.
You’d choose the Wyze functionality or simply RTSP.
I hope this changes because I’ve found the motion detection and saving to the cloud pretty useful but I’d also like to use my own surveillance software.

The downside of the current Wyzecam implementation is that is someone steals your camera then they have stolen all your footage as well. I know you have the 12 second clip in the cloud, and if you were quick enough then you might have been able to use record feature in the app to capture video to your phone, but fundamentally if someone steals the camera and SD card then you don’t have a lot. RTSP would allow me to stream to a local server which I can physically secure a lot easier than a camera. That server could also backup its footage to the cloud. Then if someone steals your camera you still have all the evidence.

Very generous of you @alexey.vasilyev; and thanks for the GitHub links Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) - #214 by alexey.vasilyev

Indeed, now there is really no technical reason for PC based NVR vendor(s) - Blue Iris; VLC, etc., etc., etc. not to offer Wyze Cam access if their Customers respectfully request it and demonstrate a viable business case.

I am very happy that I “stood up” for tinyCam here while it was being bashed by other members.

ActionTiles strongly recommends tinyCam Monitor Pro as the absolutely best available solution for embedding Wyze Cam feeds into ActionTiles Panels.


Thank you for working on RSTP. Whatever you need to to do get it to work then do, but obviously the less functionality you take away to more desirable your cameras and ecosystem are. RSTP LAN only is expected. If I had to give up one, I would give up Motion tracking in exchange for RSTP.