Real Estate: Tracking visitors to your house

I bought the cameras when I put my house on the market after I found items moved and was not sure if a couple of items went missing or I had a brain drain and lost them. Since then the cameras have given not only peace of mind but a view into what the prospective buyers were thinking and how the agent worked (or not) to highlight the house and property.

I have cameras covering all areas and in a 2900 sq. foot house only need 5. This lets me see what people think about all areas of the house and has offered ideas on what I needed to change to secure a buyer.

It also lets me give feedback to my agent about agents who I do not want back.

One thing I have been searching the forum for is hooking the camera into a battery pack so I can make the cameras more discreet since some folks have given feedback they left because they did not like the cameras watching them.


You could use any of a number of USB power banks to power the camera. Here is some info on how long it could run:

One word of caution… depending on your jurisdiction, recording or monitoring people (especially conversations) without their knowledge could be a criminal offense. Be careful.


Hello, I am a real estate agent. You have a very good idea about monitoring your home security. But I believe by listening to private conversations you and your listing agent may be violating local laws and dancing on a serious ethical line. If your listing agent is a Realtor they may wish to discuss it with their local Realtor organization.

Good idea again, May I suggest that you create a nice disclosure document, placing it on the front door or somewhere the visiting agent/customer would definitely see. Just say that video events are being recorded but no audio activity is being recorded. I would not put this information or disclosure into the MLS showing instructions. No sense in limiting your buyer pool. Good idea, good luck, tim,…


A connected but separate topic to your original posting.

A good idea would be put a camera focusing on the front door, The owner and listing agent would know when a visitor has entered and left the premises.

Most often owners have to vacate during a scheduled buyer visit. This way the owner would know when they can come back home rather than driving around, hanging out at the mall, visiting with friends or at the local Starbucks I used to have an application called “ComeOnHome” with a reed switch. Tim,.,

In our area as long as one person ( can be the examiner) knows about the recording, it’s 100% legal. Also known as one party state.

You need to look at your electronic recording laws of local and state legislation.

If it is on private property the person can record whatever they want as long as they know about it. It would probably scare off buyers though.

I’m wondering if even in a one-party state that the aware-party has to actually be present in the conversation?

Yes the aware party would have to be present with the recording device.

As @andrew_nyr stated, if it’s private property and there is signed consent from the homeowner, should be no problem.

But I guess that would change with foreclosures?

So are you guys saying you need consent to record the conversation of two guys discussing the best way to crack open your fire safe when you’re not home? Realtor badges or not.

I don’t think illegally recording something that is illegal, makes the recording legal. But one would hope the cops would overlook it in that case.

No because it’s your home and you own it. If you are renting, you would have to have landlords consent to record at the rental, but that’s off topic.

What I am not clear on is when you sign a contract for sale what status does that put the property in?

Cops might, but the criminal’s attorney won’t. Their job is to get the client off.
The realtor angle makes it interesting. I would think fair notice that it’s being monitored and as such conversations are not to be considered private should work, but IANAL.

That honestly would be a real-estate attorney question on legality based on area.

Still your property. I would be surprised to read a contract that attempts to prevent you from monitoring your own property.

I would assume it would be. Generally speaking, most criminals do not have the money or ability to afford a high priced lawyer and will only opt to a public defender. I also live in a state that has older laws.

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True, but public defenders are trying to make a name for themselves and will try every angle they can. If you’re counting on them being the slow horse, I wouldn’t. If there is an angle, they’re obligated to defend their client with it.

If there is a mortgage on the property, obligations to the lender and protecting the property may also come into play. iirc, the owner is suppose to clear a lot of stuff with the lender first. I just wouldn’t expect a realtor contract to get in the middle of any of that.

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Just keep in mind one thing doing this, I know in NC it’s against the real estate regulation to record video/Sound of prospective buyers/Agents. So check and make sure you ok in your state. The reason for this regulation is it breaks the buyer/Agent confidentiality and is perceived as a conflict. My 2 cents.


That’s a great idea

Thanks everyone for the responses. My Agent told me that more houses are hosting cameras (not surprising) and if she sees one she does not talk in front of it. This is to hold in confidence whatever she and the buyers talk about.

My cameras are all in the open. I am getting Sense so it will be even better in knowing what is going on.

I have to say all of the couples who have brought their kids just let them run around with no supervision. I am glad I have the cameras to keep track of who breaks what.

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Or, if the agent is active in Community Theater, they and the buyer could ‘spoof’ their intentions, gain an edge. :wink:

(I’m watching too much Billions, I think.)