Re-Introducing Wyze Lock Bolt - 3/21/2023

We heard you loud and clear on launch day (and all the days that followed). We’re excited to announce that Wyze Lock Bolt is now available in highly requested Satin Nickel color! :tada:

Use saved fingerprints to unlock your door or use the keypad with anti-peep technology. Better yet? You can unlock the door (but not lock it) from anywhere using the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro live page in the Wyze app due to our new integration!

Check it out! :point_down:


Could a door bell pair with two locks? We have a metal screen door and and interior door. Both doors have the wyze lock.


If we already have the doorbell pro and the bolt how do we enable the remote unlocking? Is it obvious once you update the firmware in the bolt or are there instructions somewhere on how to do this?

I had already updated the firmware on my Wyze lock bolt.
Today I saw a reminder of this new feature.
I opened the Wyze Android App
Opened the Doorbell Pro and clicked on
Clicked the “+” sign
Added the Wyze Lock Bolt from the list of available accessories
It then has a screen that says “Enable Direct Lock/Unlock” with a slider switch.
Closed the Wyze app
Opened the Wyze App
Opened the Doorbell Pro
There was a new LOCK icon near the upper right of the screen.
When you click on it, it unlocks, but I could not re-lock it with that same icon.
Afterward, I could not get back into live view on my Doorbell, so I had to reset it.


My Wyze Bolt Lock doesn’t appear in my Wyze Doorbell Pro.

Maybe we need to wait

Sorry. I have it paired now. Deleted the original Wyze lock I had paired before.

Looks like you can only pair one lock to the doorbell.

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Currently the unlocking works, we are working on being able to lock it remotely still.


Yes, you can only pair one lock to the doorbell.


Thanks WyzeJasonJ for the updates!
Also thanks for adding the V3Pro 30 second skip problem to the “Fix it Friday” list.


I first saw this new Lock Bolt color in the latest youtube video

And wondered if this color got announced yet. Then found this thread announcing it and saw there is another Youtube video announcing it too:

Very cool. Lots of people are going to be very happy about that. :slight_smile:


Quite sad that it doesn’t integrate with that original WYZE doorbells :frowning:

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Can you give an estimated timeframe when the feature to be able to lock again will be available? Q2, Q3, this year, etc?
And are there any plans to have this integration with the non-Pro doorbell or between the Pro doorbell and the Wyze Lock?

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I do not have those answers currently but I will see what I can find out.

Can we get an update on the ability to lock remotely?

I will see what I can find out.

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I’ve only seen the feature to unlock remotely through door bell pro. Was the plan to be able to lock as well? I’d love to be able to lock the door if a friend just needed in for a minute to drop something off. I’d like to be able to lock door and not wait for the auto lock feature to kick in.

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