Re-chargeable Sensors (via usb)

I would like the sensors to be rechargeable. The cost of the batteries, the constant changing of those sensors that are in areas that get constant use, the taking apart the sensors ( breaking them etc) and have sensors stop working when your away is a pain j in ass. I would pay a few dollars more for rechargeable. I know that they may have to be bigger but it would be a great option.

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The new Wyze Sense v2 should have the ability to use rechargeable batteries. The motion sensor v2 uses standard AAA x 2 batteries. The entry/contact sensor v2 also uses standard AAA x 1 battery. You should have the option to use rechargeable batteries with these new sensors. If I find out differently, I will correct my assumption. You can take a look at the new Wyze Sense v2 at under Wyze Home Monitoring.


That would be great. What I want is make “easy” to be remove so it be recharged with usb


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Good idea!

I added the “usb” charging to your topic for clarity. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. Or at least the motion detectors.


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Our current plans for the Sense V2 hardware are to power it with 2x AAA batteries. The new sensors should have a battery life around 1.5 years (depending on usage), so we don’t think you’ll need to change them too often. With that in mind, a great workaround is to use rechargeable AAA batteries in the sensors.

This is something we probably won’t introduce, but thanks for your suggestion!


Thank you. It’s nice that many companies still believe that they can talk to customers. It’s cheaper to keep a customer than get a new one.


I assume the servers are down?


Why would you think this?

For a few hours my app was stuck on the logo. And I think I read somewhere that maintenance was being done. But in any case up and running.


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Please make a version of the sense V2 sensors that have built in batteries like the nightlights do. Having to buy and replace batteries is much more annoying and (and maybe more expensive?) than just plugging it in and charging it.