Random acts of Wyzeness 🎲



Things are a little out of whack at the moment while they are working on transitioning to their new system. I hope they officially launch all the new changes soon so there aren’t conflicts between the old way and the new way for everything for much longer. It will be nice to be able to put all the effort into just the new stuff being stable instead of working a lot on the new stuff while trying to patch up the old stuff as new breakage occurs from things being attempted with the new stuff.

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I once heard a surgical resident put it this way (I’m paraphrasing): “What is the enemy of good? Better. Better is the enemy of good.”

I read a comment in the other topic speculating that it’s an app issue, but I was unable to save a detection zone at all on the Video Doorbell v2 after I installed that. Fortunately, that issue was fixed with a firmware update:


Hopefully somethin’ like that’ll happen for y’all Cam v2 users. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks, guys, for your comments.

I don’t expect ‘security’ from these cams - only better, still imperfect, awareness. But I know many others DO expect security, and imperfection does not comport well with that expectation.

I prefer to support any progress I see and try to balance it fairly with my criticism of problems.

But without specific guidance on what this transition is, and how long it will be until it is completed, Wyze risks making saps of customers like me, while sapping our energy and patience.

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You’re welcome, and I understand that sentiment. Since I started spending time in the Forum, I’ve seen so much criticism—and I already have plenty of my own criticism of Wyze—that I’ve actually thought, “Hrm…is this what an abusive relationship feels like?” :thinking:

Having said that, I understand that no piece of technology is ever likely to be completely perfect, as frustrating as that is. (And this is coming from someone who really likes to tweak things just to get them a little bit better—the enemy of good!) While my perspective as a customer is often disappointed because Wyze’s focus isn’t where I (in my ignorance of someone who has never run a business) think it should be, I also respect the spirit of innovation and what does occasionally look like progress in improving the capabilities of existing products…not just pumping out new gadgets.

I respect that attitude, and I generally make an effort to do the same. Criticism, especially the constructive variety, is often warranted, but it’s important to recognize and acknowledge when something is really done well, too.

Despite the volume of criticism I read here, I also see a lot of positive discussion, and I genuinely appreciate the helpful spirit of many participants here, especially those who have devised creative workarounds that overcome the incomplete capabilities of Wyze’s native features. That and a desire to give back and try to help others is what has me spending (too much) time here.

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Thanks again for your thoughtful thoughts. Seriously.

The problem with this problem is it’s a recurrence: a variation on a similar v2 theme (reversion to a single-sizable-square versus multi-square-matrix) solved only several months ago after several months effort.

It’s kind of deflating, that. Very much kind of. Like, ‘WTF.’

Not to belabor the point, but…

There. Belabored. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Seriously. Although my opinions seem reasonable to me, it’s nice to get some validation from time to time.

Yeah, kind of a same-:poop:-different-day thing. That’s frustrating. It makes one ask, “What do you actually learn from your prior mistakes?”

Just hope they don’t do it with a sap! Ouch!

Maybe that’s next on the horizon: Wyze Smart Sap with Edge AI Nutz Detection. (Don’t give 'em any ideas, right?)

Edge AI Nutz Detection.

Yeah, don’t point that thing at me at the moment. I’m pretty sure I’d pin the needle. :slight_smile:

Uh…I don’t know what that means, and I don’t want to know what that means.

Your privilege. :slight_smile:

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Ain’t it great how sometimes the briefest responses are the funniest? :upside_down_face:

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Rereading carver is about as close to an offical response as we’re likely to get, so…

I take this to mean that The Transition, when complete, will not magically resolve all preexisting anomalies.

It will only allow engineers to focus more productively on anomalies in general, both legacy and those that will inevitably present, so better.

Therefore, prepare yourself, patience will still be required, and edge cases will always exist.

Over and up.

Yes. :slight_smile:

Bonus guess!

image Oh. And when will The Transition be complete?

image We cannot say at this time. The situation is dynamic.

What does the cap say? I’m thinking “Trust me, I’m a…something that gets pixelated when I try to make it large enough to read?” :man_shrugging:

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It’s from an old gag when I used to tease the Mavens.

You will still see a few of them participating on the forum but not like in the early years. They now may have other things (behind the scenes) and platforms to maintain and monitor and carver is pretty much their public face here. He does a good job straddling the ‘I’m a customer AND a Maven’ thing, fortified by five or ten degrees and cat-like speed at the keyboards. :slight_smile:

Heh, While I can type fast, I rarely do. The problem is being able to think in a straight line as fast as I can type, and with my ADHD sidetracking all over the place and not in a straight line, I can rarely type really fast. If I am just reading something on a piece of paper or retyping something I read, then I can go REALLY fast because it’s already done all the thinking for me, but if I have to think up what to type, then I type at a moderate speed.

Also, I am often working, so I take a lot of breaks in between my perusing stuff on here, which means sometimes I go many hours without viewing something or I might mostly skip some topics entirely. :man_shrugging:

There are also a few users I don’t interact with all because it’s impossible to have a civil or respectful conversation with them. I don’t mind people who are upset or frustrated or complain or disagree with me as long as we can be civil or respectful toward each other specifically. When/if someone can’t do that, I mostly ignore them and will simply quickly skim their statements only to see if there are serious guideline violations.

But I definitely am not interacting with everything. In the past 30 days I read 4K posts, but only posted 466 replies (and in the last year it is 48.7K read and 3.9K replies). So, I guess I roughly interact with fewer than 10% of what I read. Probably less, since those stats will be including some of my behind the scenes interactions which probably skew the stats a little from just the public-facing forum categories.

Feel free to look up your own forum stats here:


From what I see, you have a higher interaction ratio than I do. :slight_smile: Look at posts read vs replies posted. You are double my interaction rate at roughly 20% for the month! And 15% for the year:

There are also some people I read and reply to more than others. It kind of depends on different variables. I usually scan all posts to look for things in this order of priority: first if there are guideline violations, then to see if there is something critical I need to report or pass on. Then to see if there is something that interests me, then to see if there is someone I have a good answer for and know I can help out (and is likely to appreciate the help), and finally, sometimes I reply to something to provide clarification for other readers. For example, Maybe someone just wants to vent. I don’t have a problem with that, I get that it may be the one thing they came here for and it is cathartic for them. Everyone can use it how they want if within the guidelines (not attacking a person, etc). And if that meets their needs, then they can use it that way. But sometimes if they are saying something that is untrue or a misunderstanding, I will sometimes post a clarification that is not intended as a reply to the venter (I know they don’t care or want a response like this), but is simply to clarify things for the other observers, some of whom don’t even have an official forum account/login, etc. And sometimes just to give a voice to people who feel differently but don’t always know how to express it like I potentially can for them as their sort of advocate.

But I get my share of benefit from it. I can’t focus on a single thing for too long or I get burned out, so I like having this place to come break for a minute so I can then go back to work at a higher capacity again.

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I appreciate the explanation, and I like that the :frog: is peeping over the hat.

Not necessarily in response to someone venting—though I certainly don’t have a problem with that in itself, and I do my fair share—I will sometimes jump in to ask follow-up questions or rephrase the original problem if I feel like existing responses seem like they’re missing the point or not understanding the original problem. Even if I don’t have the solution to the problem, I feel like adding an appropriate comment or question might help to bring the topic on track and hopefully give it a little more visibility so that someone who has a helpful answer might be more likely to see it and jump in.


Absolutely agree. It is 100% understandable and okay for someone to feel and express frustration. It’s also helpful for Wyze to see that frustration sometimes. In most cases, what you described above falls under my category of having a good answer and trying help because the user seems like they are reaching out for help.

My comment about sometimes responding even when the response isn’t meant for that user may be in cases like when someone posts a vent post about how they were having a certain issue and finally gave and already sold all their Wyze stuff, and there is no helping them at all in any way now and they just want to vent about how angry they are that it came this. I can respect that, and the person doesn’t really need a response for them and there is no helping them with the issue they had because they already sold or trashed everything. Sometimes in those cases I will still respond, but not specifically for the OP’s sake (they already got rid of their stuff, so it doesn’t matter to them anymore and they’re only posting to vent), but I may still respond for observers who search the forum or a google search and were directed to that post because they are experiencing a similar issue as the OP described. In that case, I may share a comment somewhat directed for the sake of those users, or even future users who are looking for alternative solutions or information and DO want more than just a vent post because they aren’t yet at the point of just moving on. If I have something worth sharing with those people in mind, I may share it, even though I know the OP doesn’t care about such info anymore.

That’s what I meant by sometimes I will post even if it’s just a vent thread.

But I agree, if it is someone who can potentially get help in some way through followup questions, etc, there is a lot of merit in doing what we can to help people who are crying for help. Sometimes Support even makes mistakes, and we volunteers do have a way we can pass on those situations to be reviewed when mistakes happen. Support people are human too, some may be new or inexperienced or not aware of something and we can act as a fallback net to help make sure people are properly taken care of when we notice something is off/wrong.

Also, I REALLY like when other community members do follow up questions and help out too. This allows me to be more efficient in the ways I can help people because they’ve already gathered info I need/want. :+1: