Rain Sensor wiring

I have an Orbit 57069N sensor and as suggested I wired it using AC- & S1. Ran a schedule and manually depress the spindle (tried once and hold) and the zones keeps on going. I tested if there is a break in the wire with a multi meter and it’s all good. What am I doing wrong?

**Nothing. The wiring is correct. I did a water test and wait for the mechanism to bloat away. Ran a test schedule twice and the controller did a Rain sensor skip. That manual test for the sensor did nothing for me.

Same issue here. I thought it was a bad sensor so bought a second with the same result. I also tried depressing the switch just prior to the start of a schedule, thinking it needs to read that at the beginning. No luck. It waters regardless of the sensor. Very frustrating.

Anyone solve this yet?

You didn’t mention who made your sensor, but the manual test did not work for me. The water test is the one that does it for me. Soak the sensor, run a test schedule and wait and see if it will do a skip of the schedule. Mine does.

Thank you @lineOuting
The water test with my Orbit rain sensor did give me a “Rain sensor skip” message in the app for my schedule.
Appreciate you taking the time to answer and for your quick reply.