Wyze Sprinkler Controller - Rain Sensor functionality verification

It would be fantastic if the app would show and possibly send a notification that the attached rain sensor has detected a recent rainfall.

This would allow users to verify that the rain sensor has been connected properly. It would also be nice to know if an unexpected rainfall occured.

Alternatively, it would be nice to know if a forecast rainfall did not occur.

It would be great if the sensors would create events in the calendar in addition to push notifications.

Being able to see how and if the system is getting expected readings from attached sensors would be a huge help in troubleshooting system problems. A faulty or improperly connected sensor may not be having the desired effect on the software logic, but the sensor data doesn’t appear anywhere in the app.

Notification language

“Local rain sensor is detecting recent rainfall” - this would appear in the app and as a push notification. many rain sensors use a water swollen media to detect rainfall and take awhile to dry out. So this notice would appear while the sensor is still wet.

"Local rain sensor detected rainfall’ - this would appear as a calendar event

“Local rain sensor did not detect forecast rainfall” - this would appear as a calendar event

Setup recommendations

I have only had wired sensors so I only know how those work.

The wired sensors can be set to trip at different rainfall quantities. So wyze would have to determine what setting it wants to use. How much rain should it take for the system to care. I would suggest the minimum setting then have the app fetch actual local rainfall totals.

Then it takes awhile for the sensors to dry and they have adjustable vents to alter the rate and this is how they offset watering. Wyze would have to recommend a setting here as well. I’d suggest fully open. The software should push back the scheduled waterings based on the current saturation curves.

On first impulse, this would make wired rain sensors smarter than their mechanics.

Thanks for considering.

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All of this.
I just figured out my rain sensor isn’t talking to the controller properly…while raining.

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How did you identify that the sensor is not working?