Log & include reason when Wyze Sprinkler skips watering

If the wyze controller decides to skip a watering please record it in the watering history log with a note about WHY it skipped. This would help a lot in debugging if we set up the schedule wrong.

Maybe not exactly what you are looking for but the calendar on the main page of the sprinkler controller (top right corner) shows skips with grey dots. For example last week a number of mine skipped due to the rain sensor.

Hi! I don’t have a rain sensor so if mine skips it doesn’t show anything in the log, not even a grey dot. I was under the impression that I could use the controller without a rain sensor and have it decide watering based on weather forecast.

You can indeed use the controller without an external rain sensor. If you activated Sprinkler Plus it should do skips based on predictive weather.

That calendar should show you all the times the system ran. You should be able to see all the activity there.

Regardless of skip type it lists all of them as you can see below. I manually skipped tonight and there is a previous saturation skip as well.

Mine skips for no apparent reason, and no grey dots.

Are there any blue dots indicating successful past or future schedules? If you have any active fixed schedules you would have those populated in the future as well. Feel free to add a screenshot of the calendar if that helps.

I have the same situation, my sprinkler has been skipping since June 30th and no indication as to why…

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Logging off the automation should be a given. I have a syslog server just waiting!