Sprinkler Controller - Removed rain sensor, now I can't add it back!


I installed my sprinkler controller a couple days ago, but hadn’t tried it out because the system was still winterized. Today I turned everything on and tried the controller. I started with the first zone in our back yard and… nothing. Tried it a couple of times and nothing happened. I thought maybe I had the rain sensor wired wrong, so I went in and changed that radio button from Rain Sensor to None. But the zone still wouldn’t run. Tried the next one and it ran fine, as did the others. Figured I had a wiring issue, so I pulled the controller off the wall, and sure enough, a wire had pulled free. Put the wire back in and all zones are working now.

But now I’m back in the app, and I can’t figure out how to add the rain sensor back in. I go to Settings / System, which I’m pretty sure is where it was when I removed it, and all I see are our zones. I click Configure Terminals, but all it lets me select are the master valve, common, and zones.

Can anyone tell me how to add the rain sensor back? I hope I don’t have to completely go through the setup process again.