Sprinkler controller not starting in Auto

I am going crazy trying to get my sprinkler controller to work in Auto. Set up was very simple and worked perfectly. I can turn on any zone I want manually thought the system will not start when in Auto. I do not have any rain or soil sensors. Do I need a jumper on those terminals? Very frustrating that everything works fine except Auto.

OK, I figured it out. Hope this helps someone else. I went into my Modem to see if the controller was a connected device and I couldn’t find it so I added it manually. You can get the MAC address and IP address from within the sprinkler menu on your phone.
When I originally set up the controller I did not choose a location on purpose, just didn’t think it mattered and it wasn’t showing my address correctly anyway. After adding the controller to my modem as a listed device my address now showed up correctly so this time I saved it.
The controller now works on a timed schedule. Really crazy because I did not see anywhere on a set up menus or online saying that this needed to be done, but it is working.