Questions - V3 Camera for continuous recording in barn without WiFi

We are planning to use a V3 camera to monitor horses during a research study. The barn will not have WiFi and we need to run continuous recording for 14 days.

What size of SD card do we need to be safe? I’ve read some of the bigger ones have trouble with not using all available memory?

If we prepare the camera before sending it to the customer would they be able to plug it in and have it start automatically?

Does anyone have any tips for recording to memory?

Thank you!

The camera needs internet connection at startup, but once setting up continuous recording it should be fine when the internet dies. 128gb should be fine for 10-14 days, but 256 does have some problems, waiting for a beta firmware to be released to everyone. I think it’s still more than 128 though

Thank you!

If we were to set it up before sending could the horse’s owner plug it in and start recording without wifi?

It would be similar to a situation like if the power went out for a period of time.

No. the cameras as essentially brain dead after power up until they are able to check in with the Wyze Servers.
One of the work-arounds I have used is to setup the camera to use my cellphone as a hotspot. Enable the phone hotspot and power up the camera. Once the camera is happy, the phone hotspot can be turned off.


The other thing you will want to make sure is that you do not lose power in that period of time because it would need to reconnect again before it would start recording again.


The 10 to 14 day continuous recording on a 128GB SD Card is when you are recording in full HD quality.

If you set the cam to record in SD quality, you can expect to double the days on the card: up to 28 days.