Cam v3 on Continuous but only records sometimes

I’ve seen lots of posts about the v3 not recording on Continuous correctly - for me it seems to only start recording at 12:00 midnight or 7:00am, and nothing prior is displayed in the Playback. The green bar stops at those times. I have the latest firmware 4.36.10 4054 and iPhone 8 on iOS 16.5.1(c) for what that’s worth.

Deer are eating my garden and I can’t get to any footage that would show them loping about the place overnight.

Did you make any kind of rules or schedules for your V3? I have three V3 cams recording continuous 24/7 to 128GB and 256GB SD cards and the is no breaks in the playback line unless I turn the camera off for some reason.

Do you unplug them at midnight during sleepwalking and then plug them back in before waking?

Midnight and 7 am everyday is definitely indicative of something specific in timing.

Thanks - they are on all the time, no turning on and off ever, and no rules are set up. It should be recording all the time, the 2GB SD card is only half full right now too.

12:00 seems to be the most frequent start time. Interestingly enough, when I went to check on that just now, the Playback green bar starts at 11am, having moved up from 7am where it was this morning.

I have one other V3 and one Pan Cam v3 (which has its own playback issues, discussed on other threads). I haven’t needed to check the other V3 in a while.

Thanks - no rules are set up at all, it should be on 24/7. The SD card is 2GB and only about 50% full.

I think the smallest supported SD card capacity is 8GB. May be your issue, may not:



Thanks for that info - another thing I didn’t know. The 2GB SD card works, but I see how it might not be ideal.

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2GB :astonished: :astonished: I’m surprised it works at all. Recording 24/7 continuous requires a good high endurance card and I would at a minimum get a 64 GB card. My V3 cameras record about 9.5-10 GB each 24 hours.


Have you verified there is truly no video on the card for those time periods by removing it from the device and inspecting the “Record” folder on a computer or external card reader for the proper folders and files? They will be saved in day and hour folders with one MP4 file for each minute. This is just to rule out problems that might be originating from issues within the iOS App when trying to access video.

A 2 GB SD Card is probably only capable of recording 3 or 4 hours of activity, and since they probably try to keep a GB free, probably half that. So really not a good card to use.

Consider 32GB a minimum, which would give you 2-1/2 days of so at HD resolution.


I happened to have a Wyze 32-GB card hanging around the house, so I put it in there and will see if things improve.

Meanwhile I’ll check out what’s on the 2GB, see if anything there is worthwhile.

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:


Installed last Friday in a V3 Pro. :grin: :grin:

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