Continuous recordings missing / abruptly stopping and starting? v3

I’ve turned on continuous recording but sometimes it seems to have abruptly stopped and started.

Example: right now it’s 9am, and I can only look back upto 7am. My memory card is only 50% full.

Is there some setting that controls when to stop and start continuous recording? I don’t have any rules setup yet.

I’m on Android. I have the latest firmware on the v3 cam.


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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @buddhs!

There is no other setting that is going to affect the SD Card Continuous Recording on a V3. There are also no rules triggers or actions that can change the SD Card recording settings.

So long as you have continuous power to the cam, a functioning SD Card, and the setting on continuous, it will record.

This may not be the issue though. When you are viewing the playback and scrolling the timeline back, and it tells you there is no video at the specified time, look at the Bitrate indicator in the top left.

If that Bitrate is at 0 KBs, it isn’t that there is no video recorded; the app thinks there is no video because it isn’t getting any data transfer from the cam.

This can be caused by either a weak\slow WiFi connection between the cam and the router or between the app and the router. It may also be because of an overloaded weak router or network congestion on the 2.4GHz band.

Sometimes just waiting a bit will allow the Bitrate to jump back up and update the timeline with video.

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Good point slab. If it says “no video at this time”, then there’s actually no video, but if it’s just frozen, check the bitrate.

It will also say “no video at this time” if you drag the timeline into an area that hasn’t been loaded yet when there is no Bitrate data transfer. In the past, I had to wait about 5 seconds or more for the cam to reestablish a good connection and the Bitrate to jump back up. Then the timeline color syncd w\ the card and the video loaded.

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I see the bitrate indicator moving, so that seems ok.

I just looked back and the video is available up to precisely 12 noon (it’s 225pm right now).
Earlier than 12 there’s ‘no video at the selected time’.
40% of the SD card is free according to the app. I have continuous recording turned on.

So looks like I’m getting only 2ish hours of recording for some reason. I’m going to try formatting the card now, let’s see if that helps me record more.

Any other ideas?

A 32GB card on continuous record @ HD quality will hold a smidge over 3 days of video.

Make sure you have the most up to date app and firmware on the cam and use the cam settings to do an onboard format.