Stops Recording During the Night

Lately, (I’ve had the camera for 2 months) it has not been recording during the night. I live in a high traffic area so there are cars going by at all hours. I’ve made sure it’s updated as well as the app and I’ve made sure a bunch of times that there is no schedule on. I’ve tried to reset it a few times as well. Some nights it works, and then it stops for a few days. It records fine all during the day. I had copper lines for wifi before when this started happening and I put the blame on that. Now a few days ago, I have fibre optic installed and it’s still doing it. No improvement whatsoever.

It was working fine up until the last 2 weeks. I haven’t changed the area. It’s in the same spot. It also seems to stop working around the same time at night (after I go to sleep) and then all of a sudden works around 5-6 am. This is why I’ve checked if I have a schedule on a bunch of times.

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Are you set to continuous recording or events only? What are your camera settings?

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The V3 cam doesn’t have any ability to set a recording schedule from within the cam settings.

The only way to modify the Motion Detected Upload Recording to the cloud, which appears as upload video in the Events tab, is through the use of Rules that will either turn the Motion Detection off, or Turn the cam off, in which case there will also be no SD Card recording.

Check that there are no rules set that would trigger to action these tasks and also check the Rules History to see if any rules have been executing on those cams.

Another issue that would be preventing Motion Activated Event Uploads to the cloud is if your WiFi router or ISP is somehow interrupting connection to the internet during those times.

If, however, you are referring to SD Card recorded video, that should be recording as set regardless of the internet connection. It will only stop recording when the cam is turned off.

I have it set to motion only. It’s pretty sensitive because it picks up when the leaves blow or a cat walks by. No SD card. Only to cloud.

Are you managing your cameras or viewing recordings and events on an iPhone or iPad? There are thousands of comments online about recent (May-ish) wyze update, eliminating iPhone, and iPad ability display recordings (assuming there are any.) They don’t seem to be interested in doing anything about it either.