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How long do I have to return my cam v3 pro? It will not playback any events, error 09, I’ve done everything and then some, and to be honest I’m tired of waiting on wyze to respond/do anything about it, I’m literally getting no support whatsoever.

Sorry you had a bad experience with support! If you have the ticket number, could you pass it here so Wyze can look into it.

The return policy depends on where you bought it, but Wyze has a 1 year warranty, and a 30 day return policy from their store.

Your saying when you try to playback an event video from the events tab it’s failing? Are you on cam plus, or cam plus lite? Has this happened since you got it, and never once has an event worked? Have you tried power cycling the cam, or deleting it and setting it back up?

Also, do you have any other cams (v3s, pros?) that are working?



Yes, the v3 pro has never once been able to playback an event since I set it up, only notify me that an event has occured. Upon clicking on an event I get error 09, video player error. Yes I have cam+ and love my regular v3’s and pan cam. I’m starting to believe this is a faulty camera and it’s not just software related.

I’ve tried power cycling it, I’ve tried deleting it, clearing the app cache and data, uninstalling the app, reinstalling the app, camera, and setting it back up, I’ve tried factory resetting the camera, nothing works.

I have two v3’s, a pan cam v1, and the v3 pro. Only the pro has given me any type of issue.

If you bought your camera at Home Depot, you have 90 days to return it.

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I bought it from the wyze website. It says no hassle returns, but of course I can’t find anything else about actually returning the item, or even exchanging it.

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Contact customer support.

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